City Fusion & Brighter Futures are commissioned annually, by St. Patrick’s Festival, to design, create and perform pageantry and street theatre for the St. Patrick’s Day parade. 



Community groups from different cultural backgrounds and areas of Dublin city are currently working with a team of artists to create festive pageants for St Patrick's Festival parade 2015.



The community outreach programme is an important part of the festival and is about bringing together groups of people from a range of backgrounds to celebrate diversity and promote inclusion.



From January-March the project participants work with a team of highly skilled and professional artists and facilitators at the project base, taking part in a series of workshops where they are immersed in the creative process, learning skills in: performance, prop making, theatre, street performance, dance and circus. Each year the returning groups remain upbeat, positive and delighted to be part of something so vibrant and uplifting.

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