1. the ability to understand people and situations in a very clear way.

       2. an understanding of the true nature of something.



The photographic project entitled In-Sight captures the different, diverse and multiracial faces of the residents of the city of Dublin, Ireland.


The characters of Irish capital were individually represented, inserted in their own daily life, without prior or intentional interference or any aspect that could manipulate the reality.


As being a set of photographs taken on the streets of the city, this project appropriated an element used daily by the people and most of the time unnoticed by everyone: the trash bin.


Due to it’s rounded shape associated to the final black and white colors, it’s possible to associate the final result to pictures taken through the well known process of Pin Hole. Therefore, it was possible to turn this object into essential and major part of the construction of the selected scenery in which each character is represented.


From this object, a conducive environment was created to separate the individual from the entire part of the scene and to emphasize the characters that compose one of the most cosmopolitan European cities.


The main objective of this photographic project is to picture the interactivity between the individuals and the city that could be imagined as a nice stroll by the streets, interaction with people around or even contemplating a simple landscape or a moment or, why not, simply sitting on any bench waiting for the end of the day.


© 2020 by Pedro Giaquinto 
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